Nasal Polyp

June 02 ,2019 Dr. Abhirami Santhosh

Nasal polyps are Non cancerous, small tear or grape like, soft, painless growths that are formed on the lining of your nasal passage or sinuses. They’re usually found around the area where the sinuses open into the nasal cavity. They are a result of chronic inflammation. They are usually associated with respiratory problems like asthma, recurring infection, allergies, drug sensitivity or certain immune disorders. They usually vary in size. Small ones are usually asymptomatic but large growths may block the nasal passage or lead to difficulty in breathing or loss of sense of smell or sinus infections. This can occur at any age and may grow in one or both nostrils.  

The exact cause of polyp still remains unknown however, these are commonly seen in  association with conditions that cause long term inflammation of the sinuses such as chronic rhinosinusitis, asthma, aspirin sensitivity, cystic fibrosis etc.

Small polyps are usually asymptomatic while larger growths can create obstructions in the nasal passage. The common symptoms of Nasal Polyp includes nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing, frequent sinusitis, postnasal drips, running nose, thick nasal discharge, sneezing,  snoring, decreased or absence of sense of smell, persistent stuffiness,  facial pain, headache etc. 

Ayurvedic Concept
Nasal Polyps can be co-related to a condition called as “Nasa Arsha”(Nasa=Nose, Arsha=growth). It has been explained as a Kapha-Rakta Granthi. 
Line of treatment includes “Kapha-hara” and “Rakta –prasadana” methods. This includes “Nasya Karma” (Nasal Therapy), “Varthi Prayoga”, “Dhoopana karma” and “Pichu Dharana”

Since this condition has been co-related to a “Kaphajanya Vyadi”, “Kapha-hara Ahara-Vihara” (foods and regimens that reduce Kapha) are recommended. This includes avoiding cold foods and drinks, sour foods etc. It is also important to improve the immunity. Herbs like Amalaka (Indian gooseberry) is a rich sources of VitC and hence helps to improve immunity. Haridra (Turmeric) is having anti inflammatory properties and so helps in reducing the inflammatory state of the disease and also acts as a natural decongestant. 

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