June 29 ,2019 Dr. Abhirami Santhosh

The concept of beauty and cosmetics is as old as human civilisation. Ayurveda, the 5000- year-old healing system, has a unique perspective on beauty. Beauty is more than skin deep. In short beauty is reflection of health. 

Ayurveda is all about the perfect harmony of body, mind and spirit. Health in Ayurveda is described as the equilibrium of the “Tridosa” (The 3 humours “Vata”, “Pitta” and “Kapha”), “Dhatu” (tissues), “Agni” (proper functioning of bio-fire) and “Mala” (timely elimination of the metabolic wastes) along with pleasant state of “Atma” (spirit/soul), “Indriya” (sense organs), “Mana” (mind). A loss of this equilibrium leads to a state of disease. Hence in beauty concept also, this principle is applicable. 

Beauty is the desire of every individual. There is no doubt that beauty plays an important role in society. As a result, it has often reflected in art.The age-old secrets of Ayurveda helps in maintaining beauty by freeing the body from toxins, restoring cellular nutrition and improving the blood circulation. It is not possible to arrest aging but nature does help to delay the process. 
In today's world, the environmental problems like pollution and adverse lifestyles have created great challenges for health. Adopting the principles of this ancient science helps to preserve beauty and endurance. To meet this challenge, the science advises “Dinacharya” (The daily regimens) and “Rtucharya” (The seasonal regimens) along with various health care treatments. 

Relevance of a healthy diet is very high as ‘We are what we eat’. It has been scientifically proved that our food choices affect our health. Balanced diet including vital nutrients has its own role to play in nurturing and sustaining the elements of beauty. A healthy food choice which is rich in fruits and vegetables and limiting sugar and fats is beneficial to beauty and health. Adequate intake of water is also crucial for a beautiful hydrated skin. 
An active lifestyle also plays a vital role. Exercise will not only help you to control your body weight but is essential for beauty. Exercise has been shown to ease stress and has an overall revitalizing effect. It helps to promote blood circulation and this ensures the supply of nutrients to the skin. 

There are numerous Ayurvedic remedies for beauty care. It offers innumerable natural ingredients for beautification. The function of these ingredients is to purify skin and eliminate vitiated “Dosa”. In general the ingredients are categorised as “Kandughna” (that which cures itching), “Kushtaghna” (that which cures disfigurement or skin diseases), “Varnya” (that which improves the complexion), “Keshya”(that which improves hair growth) etc. Therapies like “Abhyangam”, “Alepam”, “Dhara” etc are used to enhance the natural beauty. Internal medications are also prescribed according to the requirements. 

The desire for beauty, irrespective of age, sex and colour has an age-old origin. Come close to nature with Ayurveda, a science that heals both your body and mind. 

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