Ayurveda blends our modern lifestyle and health-oriented habits with the ancient wisdom of using natural substances, medicines and herbs to help us lead a healthy, happy, stress-free and disease-free life. The cardinal aim of Ayurveda is to restore the individual balance between mind, body and spirit.

Panchakarma means 5 actions. The 5 possible actions that may be used in panchakarma are: Vamana (therapeutic vomiting for excess Kapha), Virechana (purgation – strong laxative for excess Pitta and Vata), Basti (medicated enemas for excess Vata), Nasya (nasal oil – Head, neck areas, lingering doshas), Rakta moksha (bloodletting – for excess Pitta, periphery diseases) additional body treatments such as- Abhyanga (warm oil body treatment), Shirodhara (streaming of warm oil on the forehead), steams, fasting, taking herbs are treatments that may be used in panchakarma as preoperative proceedure.

Most people lose weight on panchakarma treatment. It varies greatly depending on what was in the diet prior to the panchakarma. This therapy primes the body for more significant weight loss especially if you stay with a simple diet for a longer period.

When practiced by a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic professional, this healing system is considered very safe. As always, you should check with your primary care doctor if currently undertaking treatment and let your Ayurvedic consultant know about any medications or health concerns prior to treatment.

Some private health insurers cover all Ayurvedic treatments under alternative medicine and therapies on reimbursement basis. Please call us or your insurer to find out more.

Our doctors will gladly offer to fill out a claim form for you, so you will be able to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

It depends on the individual and your personal situation, but it is highly recommended to receive an ayurvedic treatment twice a month. During a difficult or particularly stressful time, a weekly massage can be a lifesaver. There are some treatments that are very valuable when received as a series. Our consultant physicians can advise on this.

All treatment room are attached with well-maintained and sanitized toilet & shower facilities with towels, toiletries, and hair dryer. Steam sauna rooms are also available in the center. Please feel free to contact us to know more details.

Yes, we do offer treatments for stress and anxiety. Please feel free to contact us.

Ayurvedic herbal supplements may help to improve one’s overall health, however, it is extremely important that they be taken in their compatible and complementary combinations, and that one also follows the necessary dietary and daily and seasonal recommendations. In order to get results using Ayurvedic herbal supplements, it is best to consult a professional first. Please feel free to contact us for more details.