Body Type Analysis

We dig deep into the Ayurveda concept, and help you to find out which dosha you actually belong to so that you can attain good health.

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    Prakriti pareeksha - Body Constitution Analysis

    Prakriti, a particular pattern of energy, is unique to every individual just like the fingerprints, each person has a particular pattern of energy- an individual combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics- which comprises their own constitution. This constitution is determined at conception by a number of factors and remains the same throughout one’s life. Prakriti analysis is Ayurveda’s unique way of determining a body type for an individual. Prakriti analysis is done using a questionnaire that includes questions related to, but not limited to, our lifestyle, physical traits, physiological functioning such as digestion, excretion, moods, nature, etc. Based on these details, an expert Ayurvedic doctor can accurately interpret the answers given to questions and determine your body type. It is advised to answer this questionnaire to be best possible to get a correct body type analysis.
    Different body types based prakriti include the following:

    • Vata
    • Pitta
    • Kapha
    • Vata-Pitta
    • Kapha-Pitta
    • Kapha-Vata
    • Vata-Pitta- Kapha

    Vata is the energy of movements
    Pitta is the energy of digestion and metabolism
    Kapha is the energy of lubrication and structure.

    In the physical body, Vata is responsible for the subtle energy of movements, Pitta- the energy of digestion and metabolism and Kapha- energy that forms the body’s structure.

    When our Doshas are balanced we experience health

    Each person has their own mixture of Doshas and the relative proportion of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha we have in our body is what makes us unique. Keeping our unique body-type, or mixture of Doshas, in good balance is the key to good health. Some people are born with a higher proportion of Vata and, throughout their lives, their bodies will tend to be thinner and lighter. Those with more Kapha, tend to put on weight easily. Those with more Pitta, tend to be hotter and not feel the cold so much.

    These differences in the proportions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha are perfectly natural. Ayurveda says that as long as you maintain your own individual body-type balance, you remain healthy.

    Knowing your ayurvedic body type will help you figuring out a diet and lifestyle that are perfect for you personally and how to find the remedies that work for you. It will also help you understanding yourself better; why you are the way you are and act the way you act.