Post Natal Care

Ayurvedic Postnatal Care for New Mothers, A special regimen for the mother after delivery to Restore and rejuvenate post childbirth with Ayurveda.

Post natal care

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    About Post Natal Care

    The first six weeks after childbirth is still critical for the mother, since there are still physical and hormonal changes happening, Ayurvedic treatments and programs will help new moms to get through this stage. Even five thousand years ago, Ayurveda had stressed the value of safe motherhood. After delivery the mother needs to be looked after with great care and vigilance. During pregnancy the fetus attains its nourishment from mother’s body. This causes the seven dhatus of the mother to weaken and diminish from the normal state. After delivery the mother’s health becomes fragile due to the loss of fluid and blood and also the emptiness created in the body after the expulsion of fetus from uterus. This phase is called ‘suthika period’ – a term derived from the word ‘prasuta’ or the mother after delivery. A special regiment for the mother after delivery is recommended for this period to regain the health.