Slimming Program

Goal of this program is Losing weight, feeling freer and more comfortable as well as prevent the harmful effects of overweight

Slimming program

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    Slimming program

    Ayurveda is one such ancient Indian wellness system which helps in managing weight holistically. Ayurveda has targeted weight loss for thousands of years and is successful because of its comprehensiveness. Obesity is called Sthoulyam in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, there is an imbalance in digestive fire (Agni) and toxins (Ama) which disturbs the metabolism of fatty tissue (Medo Dhatu). Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle will ensure that you not only healthily losing weight but also start feeling stronger from within.

    Ontario wellness Slimming program includes- Detoxification, Udwartana massage, internal medication, Diet and lifestyle modification.