Pain management

Ayurvedic specialized therapies that act by Healing inflammation, Reducing pain & swelling, and Improving the mobility of joints.

Pain management

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    About Pain management

    Ayurveda consider pain as a symptom of the changes happening in a person’s health conditions. Pain is caused by various reasons. Therefore, treatment after analyzing exact reasons of pain will be more effective than taking painkillers for all kinds of pain. Ayurvedic way of pain management is mainly by therapies in additional to Herbs, diet, yoga, and meditation.
    At Ontario wellness, – Pain management includes following therapies-

    • Abhyanga Massage
    • Lepa and Upanaha
    • Patra Pinda Sweda
    • Choorna pinda sweda
    • Jambeera pinda Sweda
    • Pariseka
    • Kati/Greeva/Janu Basti