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We offer a wide range of therapeutic services designed to relax, pamper and improve your well-being. Choose from our menu or customize. We’re happy to work together with you to create an individual package that best suits your needs. Ontario Wellness Ayurvedic Centre is one of the top Ayurvedic Clinics in Dubai, and we’re ready to pamper you in any way you wish. Check out a sampling of what we have to offer below..


Herbal Oils/medicated butter milk poured on the forehead in a rhythmic way. Effective for mental tension, anxiety, stress, strain, insomnia, headache, hair problems, cerebrovascular diseases, neurological disorders, certain scalp diseases and blood pressure. Normalizes sleep patterns and improves the memory

Kati Vasthi/ Greeva Vasthi/ Janu Vasthi

In this process warm medicated oil is kept on the affected part with herbal paste boundary. Effective for any type of back /neck/knee pain, spinal disorders and sciatica. Janu vasti is effective in osteo arthritis of knee and also in mechanical injuries.

Rejuvenation Therapy

Harmonizing body, mind and soul with Navara Kizhi and Pizhichil based on the requirement of the individual. Increases immunity, memory power, perception of senses, physical and cognitional capacity, rejuvenating the skin. This nourishing treatment will make you shine

Ayurvedic Traditional Oil Therapy

Specially prepared oils are applied all over the body and massaged, applying regulated pressure to muscles and nerves in rhythmic and systematic way. Enhances proper blood circulation and relaxes the mind, nourishes and revitalize the body tissue and allow the toxins to be removed from the cells. Relief for all kind of body/joint/chronic/back pain, arthritis, spondylitis and for detoxification


Leaves and powders of herbs are applied to the whole body in warm cloth pouches with hot medicated oils. ELAKIZHI / PODIKIZHI / NAVARAKIZHI Removes toxins and impurities, cleanses skin pores, for body pain, inflammation of joints and muscles, spondylosis, reduce cellulitis and promote weight loss


Medicated drops are administered through nostrils followed by steam inhalation Sinusitis, nasal ailments, cleansing of nasal passage, cervical spondylosis and certain kinds of headache

Weight Loss Programme

It is done by avoiding starvation and appetite suppression. Fat reduction is done by activating the sluggish fat metabolism in the body by special massage therapies. It includes herbal powder massage(anti cellulite), oil massage, medicated liquid massage etc Reduce the weight, gain energy and stamina, restore self confidence and remove stress

Herbal Scrub Therapy

The whole body is cleaned with special herbal scrub followed by steam and massaged with herbal oil. Effective cleansing the skin pores, nourishes the tissues, enhancing the complexion and reducing the wrinkles and stretch marks.


The whole body is bathed in stream of luke warm medicated oil with simultaneous soft massage.More than three litres of medicated oil is used in this therapy. Pizhichil protects the body from illnesses and build up immunity for a healthy life. Benefits are Very useful in rheumatic diseases,Arthritis,Paralysis,Sexual weakness,Neurological disorders,High blood pressure

Netra Tharpanam

Holding medicated oil over eye for a particular time. Freshly made dough ring filled with fragrant oils are placed around the eyes, sterilized medicated cows ghee is gently poured on to the eyes, while are kept open. Which helps to prevent eye strain,effective in the treatment of headache,effective in blurred vision, dryness of eyes, focusing difficulty,burning in the eye, conjunctivitis, watering eyes, myopia, night blindness,Improves the eye sight


Small bags containing herbal leaves are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot oils for 45 minutes per day. Benefits are Effective for osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Spondylosis, Sports injuries, Effective for different kinds of muscle pain

Pancha Karma

Panchakarma is highly effective treatment for mind and body, It promotes complete detoxification and rejuvenation. The body organs have their own metabolism after that some toxin remain in side the body, Panchakarma therapy help’s to excrete out the toxin and even improving the immune system. Preventing from lot of major diseases and infection.