Polycystic ovarian syndrome

May 31 ,2018 Dr.Nasrin Begam

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common hormones imbalance, causes many small cysts on ovaries. It is common among women of reproductive age which the primary cause remains uncertain. PCOS often affects several family members andis aggravated by obesity. PCOS vary in the severity and combination of the that they manifest the diagnosis is usually made during investigation of the patients presenting with hirsutism (or) amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea with or without infertility.

1. Menstrual irregularity
2. Clinical or biochemical androgen excess
3. Multiple cysts in the ovaries

 This depends on the clinical problem but over weight women with PCOS should be encouraged to lose weight and reduce the risk of type two diabetes.

Ayurvedic management:
Weight reduction treatment with pancha karma,Internal medication according to health features, Yogasanam.

Home Remedies:
1. Horse gram soup early morning MTS -1CUP
2. Evening  MTS- 1cup  juce extract of
    Beetroot -1
    Ginger    -30g
    Pure honey  -2 tsp
    Mint leaves -5- 8

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