July 31 ,2018 Dr.Nasrin Begam

IBS is a functional bowel disorder that affects the digestive system and
change in bowel habit .IBS encompasses a wide range of symptoms and single cause is unlikely. It is generally believed that most patient develop symptoms in response to psychosocial factors ,altered gastrointestinal motility, altered visceral sensation or luminal factors.

Symptoms persist:
1. Diarrhoea predominant
2. Constipation predominant
3. Pain and bloating

Some other associated symptoms ( As per Ayurveda),
Abdominal distension, bloating, stomach cramps, constipation, dysmenorrhea - vathajam
Altered bowel habit, non ulcer dyspepsia, leucorrhoea, urological dysfunction, irritability, headache, anxiety –Pittajam
Nausea, fatigue, gastro intestinal reflex pain related to heaviness of the abdomen, depression, fibromyalgia.- kaphajam

Do’s and don’ts in IBS
Avoid consumption of alcohol, acidic food, caffeine, stressful situation, habit of starving or skipping meals, avoid day sleep and night awaking
Remedies for IBS
: Ayurvedic treatment
: Ayurvedic medicated water regular in taking restore healthy balance of bacteria in GI tract.
: Add more fresh fruits and vegetable in daily meals.
: Sathavari, asafetida, coriander,
: Proper sleep and exercise

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